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Dr. Tolina Fufa

Assistant Professor

faculty Tolina Fufa

"Teaching is learning! It's my preferred career."

Degrees Held:

  • Ph.D. in Economics – Oklahoma State University, 2015
  • M.A. in Global Human Studies – Osaka University, 2010
  • MSc in Economics – Addis Ababa University, 2006
  • B.A. in Economics – Mekelle University, 2000

Career Highlights:

I have more than 10 years of teaching experience at university level.

Which online degree program(s) do you teach?

  • What do you want your students to take away from class?

    Critical thinking, logical reasoning and economic thinking.

  • Why did you start teaching?

    Teaching is learning! It's my preferred career.

  • What advice would you give to your online students?

    Work as hard and smart as you can; widen your viewpoint; question common wisdom as it's the best way to learn new things; think critically and reason logically.

  • What is the one book you think everyone should read?

    The Bible. Irrespective of our religious backgrounds, the Bible can teach us a lot.

  • What qualities make someone particularly successful in the business world?

    Think outside the box, ahead of others and be resourceful.

  • What do you do when you need a laugh?

    Talk to old friend(s).

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