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The student services section is designed to give you access to all the University resources and any support you will need during your degree program.

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Apply Now

Here are the next steps after you’ve submitted your application.

  • Once you have submitted your application, official transcripts, and additional requested information your student profile will be reviewed and your acceptance will be determined.
  • It’s important to send final transcripts as soon as possible for any courses you may still be enrolled in or recently completed.
  • To determine if you have been admitted, please review your email and/or your CatPAWS portal (please see below to determine how to access your student portal). If you have not heard back within one business week you can contact Northwest Missouri State directly at 1-844-890-9304.
Familiarize yourself with the CatPAWS Portal and your Northwest Email The CatPAWS Portal is your Official University account, providing you access to registration, billing, transcripts and much more.
  • Steps to access your CatPAWS, Northwest E-mail, and Canvas:– First Time Login
    • Go to the Bearcat login page
    • Click on First Time Login
    • To set your initial password, click on the Self Service Password Reset button
    – If your Northwest Network Account has been set up – Access your Northwest Email
    • Go to the Bearcat login page
    • Click on Northwest Email
    • Enter your Northwest Network username (S#) and password
    • You will be prompted to enter additional information for Multi-factor and Self-service password reset functions
Your password will be good for 120 days or you may change it at any time. For instructions on how to change your password, visit this page and choose Northwest Network Account FAQ. If you have any problems accessing your Northwest email, you may contact the Northwest helpdesk at (660) 562-1634. Your Online Classes Northwest Online (Canvas) is your student course site portal. All of your courses and information will be located in Northwest Online. This is where you will spend most of your time learning for your classes.
  • Username and Password: Your login and password for Northwest Online is the exact same as your Northwest email.
  • Northwest Online is accessed through the Bearcat Login page using your email credentials
  • Specific classes will not be visible in Northwest Online until just before the class begins, but you can access the site itself once you are enrolled in classes.
Should you have any concerns regarding your University-assigned email account, please contact the Computing Services Helpdesk on campus at (660) 562-1634. Please Note: It is important to review and familiarize yourself with your student portal because all official university actions will be done there.

Northwest provides resources for you to navigate the Financial Aid process!

It is important to note that students who do not have pending financial assistance are required to pay tuition in full before classes start. View important payment dates for each program.

Financial Aid

  • Federal Student Aid, a part of the U.S. Department of Education, is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation. Federal Student Aid is responsible for managing the student financial assistance programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. These programs provide our graduate students attending college or career school with the opportunity to use Federal student loan funds to help pay their educational costs.
  • Depending upon your entry point in the program, you may only have certain classes available to you as a first-time student. Because of this, it is important to note that to receive Federal Financial Aid assistance, you must be registered at least as a half-time student, enrolled in 6 hours each semester. (Please discuss any additional concerns with your advisor and/or the financial aid office.)
  • If you have not already done so, please visit the Federal Student Aid site and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This will allow us to determine how much student aid you are eligible for and will help you pay for any education-related expenses.
  • Items required: Internet-enabled device, a copy of your and/or your parents’ (if applicable) income tax return from the previous year, relevant W2 forms, a Social Security number, and Northwest Missouri State’s Federal School Code (002496). For additional requirements, visit:
  • For greater assistance, please visit Northwest’s dedicated Financial Aid web page. Here, you can find resources and more information on how you can apply for financial aid, academic requirements, loan processes, etc.
  • If you have already applied for financial aid, please check your student email periodically for any updates that may be sent to you regarding the status of your aid.
  • Important Notice: Be aware that registering for classes incurs a financial obligation. Payment is due for all online classes prior to the first day of class. Please plan accordingly, as disbursement of financial aid may follow your payment due date. (See Payments for additional information.)


  • To determine the payment amount you will incur, please visit your CatPAWS portal. There you can view payment options and make your payments.
  • Get assistance and information regarding payment options

Find out how to get enrolled for class!

Class Registration and Orientation for New Undergraduates

  • Once you’ve been admitted to Northwest and plan to enroll, you should complete the Advisement Intake Questions and Online Orientation through CatPAWS.
  • To access The Advisement Intake Questions and Orientation:
    • Log into CatPAWS
    • Choose the Orientation tab
    • Follow the links to the Orientation system until you reach My Task List
    • The first link will take you to the Advising Intake Questions. When these are complete, our online advisor will reach out to you about enrolling, or you may reach out to one of our advisors first, if that is more convenient for you at [email protected]
    • The second link, Online Orientation, will take you to a short orientation about Northwest. This may be done at your convenience.
  • Our online advisor will set up a Zoom meeting with you to review your degree audit and discuss your enrollment plan. You can access your degree audit at any time through the Northwest Login page using your email username and password.

Advising and Class Registration for Continuing Students

  • You will meet with your online advisor at least once a semester to ensure you are on track for completion. Your advisor will discuss your upcoming class options and provide you with an alternate PIN to enroll yourself through CatPAWS.

Class Registration for Graduate and Nursing Students

  • Registering for classes at Northwest Missouri State is easy! Once you have been admitted, the Registrar’s Office will enroll you for your first block course(s) and then using the steps below, you will need to self-register through CatPAWs every term after.
  • Depending upon your entry point in the program, you will have certain classes available to you as a first time student. Because of this, it is important to note that to receive Federal Financial Aid assistance you must be registered at least as a half-time student. (Please discuss any additional concerns with your advisor and/or the financial aid office.)

Steps to Register

  • First time enrollment: your enrollment will be processed through the Registrar’s Office. You will receive notification after you have been enrolled.
  • For continuing student enrollment instructions visit
  • Please contact the Graduate Office at 660-562-1144 with any registration issues you are experiencing.

Title IX Requirements

Textbooks – Purchasing/Renting

  • After successfully being registered for classes, you can check the Northwest Missouri State bookstore to determine which books you will be required to use.
  • Pro Tip: Remember to buy any materials you need as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences and delays. There are many vendors from which to choose.

Computer Information

  • Before beginning your program make sure you have regular access to a PC or Mac computer. Chromebooks do not support most required software. Internet connection, updated web browsers, and a webcam are all required technical components.
  • Pro Tip: All students have access to Microsoft Office 365 via their Northwest email account.

At Northwest Missouri State University, student advisors are here for you. Find out how to contact them.

To receive student advising, you can contact your advisor directly (via email or phone) and set up a meeting time. To setup an advising time slot please email:

Pro Tip: To expedite the advising process via email, it is recommended that you include dates and times you are available, as well as your student ID and your full name.

Textbooks – Purchasing/Renting

  • After successfully being registered for classes, you can check the Online Professional Textbook Finder to determine which books you will be required to use: Click Here for the Bookstore
  • Pro Tip: Remember to buy any materials you need as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences and delays. There are many vendors from which to choose.

Class Participation

  • It is important to note that class participation is required for successful course and program completion. Professors will require constant interaction and participation from you and everyone else enrolled in their courses.
  • Please be sure to remain engaged with your professors and fellow classmates.

Need help with something technical?

Students experiencing technical issues with Northwest Online courses or programs have multiple resources for assistance:

  • The Northwest Online (Canvas) Helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at 844-889-5674. You can begin a live chat online for assistance at:
  • The Northwest Email and CatPaws Support Desk is available at 660-562-1634 or at: [email protected]. Regular hours (in Central Time) are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Hours may vary during intersession, summer, university holidays, and other closures. For operating hours during these times view the Tech Help Calendar.

The B.D. Owens Library at Northwest Missouri State University provides access to thousands of online journal titles and eBooks for Northwest students.

B.D. Owens Library

Students enrolled in Northwest’s online programs can experience the vast resources of the on-campus B.D. Owens Library, including databases, journals and research tools.

For assistance with access to library materials, visit or call 660-562-1193. You can also text an on-duty librarian directly at 660-474-4111 or email [email protected].

You did it! Find out how to apply for graduation.

Students preparing to graduate with a degree from one of Northwest’s online programs are required to:

  • Apply for completion of your degree on CatPaws. This application should be completed within the first month of your final trimester or earlier if required by your program.
  • Check your record and pay the graduation fee. During your last trimester of graduate study, check your Degree Audit to make sure records are complete. Pay the one-time graduation fee to the Cashiering Office.
  • Find details of the commencement ceremony on the commencement page if you wish to attend.

Northwest Online Professional University Wellness Services

A new service is now available for Northwest Online Professional students. By paying a fee of $150 per semester, Northwest’s Online Professional students are eligible to receive care from University Wellness Services. This includes clinical and counseling services and may encompass in-person or virtual care. However, students must be located in the state of Missouri to receive virtual care. Also, virtual care may not work for many types of clinic visits—we recommend you call Wellness Services prior to opting into this fee if you have questions or concerns. The number is 660-562-1348. Payment of this fee is required for all Online Professional students that wish to be seen by or communicate with Wellness Services. Students may opt into this fee at any time throughout each semester.  Payment can be made here.

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