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Faculty Profiles

Our faculty is distinguished not only in the level of expertise they possess in their respective fields, but also in their commitment to helping you become successful.

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MBA Online Faculty

faculty Casey Abington
Dr. Casey Abington

Associate Professor of Economics

faculty Ben Blackford
Dr. Benjamin Blackford

Director of Melvin D. and Valorie G. Booth School of Business and Associate Professor of Management

faculty Tolina Fufa
Dr. Tolina Fufa

Assistant Professor

faculty Claudia Hernandez Gonzalez
Dr. Claudia Hernández Gonzalez

Assistant Professor of Management

faculty Chi Lo
Dr. Chi Lo Lim

Professor of Management

faculty Stephen Ludwig
Dr. Stephen Ludwig

Associate Professor of Accounting

faculty Tiebing Shi
Dr. Tiebing Shi

Associate Professor

faculty Tekle Wanorie
Dr. Tekle Wanorie

Associate Professor

Education Online Faculty

faculty Jennee Barnes Gregory
Dr. Jennee Barnes-Gregory

Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) Director

faculty Shantel Farnan
Dr. Shantel Farnan

Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Special Education programs

faculty Nissa Ingraham
Dr. Nissa Ingraham

Associate Professor

Dr. David Kiene

Assistant Professor

faculty tamara lynn
Tamara Lynn


faculty Cynthia Schairer Kessler
Dr. Cynthia Schairer-Kessler

Assistant Professor

faculty victoria seeger
Dr. Victoria Seeger

Assistant Professor

faculty Sandra Seipel
Dr. Sandra H. Seipel

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sara Taylor

Assistant Professor

faculty sue wood
Dr. Sue Wood

Assistant Professor

GRADUATE Online Faculty

faculty Joni Adkins
Joni Adkins

Associate Professor

faculty Ajay Bandi
Dr. Ajay Bandi

Associate Professor

faculty Michelle Bateman
Dr. Michelle Bateman

Assistant Professor

faculty Shih Hsien Chuang
Dr. Shih-Hsien Chuang

Associate Professor of Economics

faculty Charles Hoot
Dr. Charles Hoot

Assistant Professor

faculty Terry Long
Dr. Terry Long

Director of Health Science and Wellness

faculty Matt Symonds
Dr. Matt Symonds


faculty Tyler Tapps
Dr. Tyler Tapps

Associate Professor in Recreation

faculty Cindy Zhiling Tu
Dr. Cindy Zhiling Tu

Assistant Professor

faculty YiHwaWu
Dr. Yi-Hwa Wu


Nursing Online Faculty

faculty rachel huston
Dr. Rachel Huston

Assistant Professor

faculty Brook McAtee
Dr. Brooke McAtee

Director of Nursing

faculty Machelle Skinner
Dr. Machelle Skinner

Assistant Professor

Undergraduate Online Faculty

faculty Amy Barton
Dr. Amy Underwood Barton

Assistant Professor

faculty Shandy Beck
Shandy Beck


faculty Berly Lynn Casey
Dr. Kimberly Lynn Casey

Associate Professor of Political Science

faculty Keely Cline
Dr. Keely Cline

Associate Professor

faculty Bayo Joachim
Dr. Bayo Joachim

Professor & Assistant Director, School of Communication and Mass Media

faculty Jason McCain
Dr. Jason McCain

Assistant Professor

faculty Chase Ogwin
Dr. Chase O'gwin

Assistant Professor

faculty Jason Offutt
Jason Offutt

Senior Instructor

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