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Start the MBA Program You’ve Always Wanted

The MBA is more than an advanced degree. It is a symbol of your commitment to career success and evidence that you have the drive to achieve your goals. If you’ve dreamed of starting an MBA program but keep putting it off, just consider what you could be losing out on while you wait for the right circumstances or the right time.

Studies confirm that MBA graduates have better job prospects and earning potential than their peers in the business world with an undergraduate degree. Many MBAs also enjoy a higher level of career satisfaction due to the range of options they have that are open exclusively to candidates with a graduate degree.

If you are still on the fence when it comes to turning plans for getting your MBA into action, here are some reasons why it simply does not pay to wait any longer.

A Fast Track to Success

According to the 2018 Alumni Perspectives Survey of business school graduates, published by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), only 4% of alumni from U.S. business schools were unemployed. Further, the majority of survey respondents reported that earning a master’s degree advanced their careers at a faster rate than they had previously experienced, with 87% crediting the skills they learned in business school.

With career advancement comes greater financial success as well. GMAC indicates that the median base salary for business school graduates with an advanced degree is $115,000 per year. This seems to indicate that the potential long-term financial benefits of having an MBA might be worth the short-term sacrifice required to earn one.

Good Opportunity, High Satisfaction

MBA graduates often experience a high degree of career satisfaction according to GMAC, due to the fact that in many fields, the degree has become a gateway to promotion and opportunity.

The GMAC survey indicates that business school grads with advanced degrees are finding a range of jobs upon graduation, from mid- and senior-level management to the C-suite. Some 79% of graduates work for companies (not self-employed), and most are finding their niche in products and services, technology, finance, and accounting.

One in 10 grads are also entrepreneurs, with 85% of that number starting their own businesses. More than a third of those entrepreneurs (36%) are working as consultants. Among those seeking venture capital to fund their plans or ideas, 69% reported that they got the financial support needed to start or expand their business.

5 Great Ways to an MBA

Northwest Missouri State University offers five online MBA programs fit for busy professionals who need the flexibility of online study and the right degree to grow their career.

The online MBA in Management provides students with an advanced education in business operations, management and leadership. Students also have the freedom to customize their degree by taking specialized courses in areas such as entrepreneurship, human resource management, compensation and benefits management, and organizational development.

The online MBA in Marketing is geared to students who want to achieve an advanced command of promotions, sales, advertising and public relations as it applies the contemporary digital landscape. Students consider strategic and analytical approaches to social media, integrated communications and global business, among other relevant topics.

The online MBA in Human Resource Management is tailored to the needs of both career HR professionals and others who wish to work in this stable area of business. It offers students the chance to build skills in personnel recruitment, management and training, compensation, benefits administration, labor law, and workplace ethics.

The online MBA in Data Analytics is a good fit for those seeking niche expertise in the application of structured data and business intelligence to management roles. Students learn skills in areas like analytics, data mining, and modeling for decision support while developing business management acumen.

In any of the specialized MBA programs — Management, Marketing, HR, or Data Analytics — students take three courses focused on the concentration.

The online MBA General allows students to tailor the degree to their interests by choosing three concentration courses from a number of different topics including entrepreneurship, quality improvement, international business, marketing communication, and organizational development.

Think of it — you could have your MBA in as little as 12-18 months and be well on the way to accomplishing your goals.

You no longer have to wait for the right moment or the perfect circumstances to get that degree you’ve always wanted. With an affordable and flexible online MBA program, the right time could be now.

Learn more about Northwest Missouri State University’s online MBA programs.


GMAC: 2018 Alumni Perspectives Survey: B-School Alumni Employment Report

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