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What Jobs Can I Get With an Ed.S Educational Leadership K-12 Degree?

Education specialists optimize student success by working with administrators and teachers to design coursework, refine teaching methods and curriculum planning and evaluate classroom strategies. They contact parents, guardians and guidance counselors to relay student progress and development goals. Their diverse responsibilities make them valued professionals in public, private or charter schools.

An education specialist degree with a focus on educational leadership is an advanced degree that goes beyond a master’s degree for teaching professionals. The online Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) – Educational Leadership K-12 program from Northwest Missouri State University (Northwest) can expand your skill set while preparing you for a career as a building-level administrator who can shape the future of education. This program can enhance your credentials and increase your earning potential as an educator.

A education specialist degree in educational leadership for grades K-12 helps educators with a master’s degree take on advanced leadership roles. There are several positions that graduates from an Ed.S in educational leadership program from Northwest Missouri State University can pursue, such as special education director, education program coordinator, technology specialist, principal, school superintendent and more. While additional courses may be required for students to add on specialty licensure, an online Ed.S degree in educational leadership provides professionals with a convenient and flexible option to earn their degrees and further their careers.

  • School principal. As a leader of an elementary, middle or high school, the principal is in charge of daily operations. From annual budgets to teacher evaluations to community engagement, the principal oversees them all. They hire teachers, make decisions related to curriculum, decide on instructional techniques and plan activities. The BLS shows a school principal’s average yearly salary as $98,420.
  • Special education director. These professionals act as advocates and liaisons regarding district conversations and policies for special needs students and programs. They must have great collaboration skills to communicate with and balance the needs of teachers, parents and governmental bodies, and they must understand how to strategically collect and interpret relevant data. According to com, the average salary for special education directors is $110,044 annually.
  • Education program coordinator. These professionals work with teachers, students and other school staff members to manage the operations of educational programs. This could include developing new programs or initiatives, creating curricula, planning lessons or training teachers on best practices. They also manage important documentation such as school accreditation processes and student records or transcripts. According to com, the average annual salary for education program coordinator is $56,577.
  • The role of a school superintendent is to be the leader of an entire school district. They oversee the district’s daily functioning and long-range plans. They supervise school principals; work with school board members, taxpayers, parents and legislators; and manage the district’s financial operations. Becoming a school superintendent involves teaching experience and time as a school principal. According to the ZipRecruiter, the average yearly income for a superintendent in Missouri is $83,542.

A post-graduate, education specialist program will equip professionals for critical, high-demand roles inside or outside the classroom that impact K-12 students in a number of ways.

Learn more about Northwest Missouri State University’s online Educational Specialist – Educational Leadership K-12 program.

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