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How Educational Leaders Can Influence Teaching Strategies

Educational leaders — such as superintendents, district administrators and assistant superintendents — can positively influence teaching strategies through increased community efforts, principal assessment and improved leadership professionals.

The online Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) — Superintendent program from Northwest Missouri State University (Northwest) equips educational leaders with strategies and processes to monitor curriculum and instruction from the central office. These skills are vital to developing teachers throughout the district and ensuring students get the best possible education.

Educational Leaders Can Transform Education Systems Into Community School Districts

Rather than looking at children as people to be taught and teachers as people whose job is to teach, the Brookings Institution (Brookings), a non-profit research organization, illustrates the need for every person in a school district to be seen as a whole person. Therefore, educational leaders can use the community resources to transform students’ and school staff’s lives for the better. A way to accomplish this is by tapping into community resources.

According to Brookings, experienced community school superintendents and other district leaders give the following tips to make this a reality:

  • Acknowledge that the challenges students and families experience show up in school.
  • Align community school strategies with district strategies.
  • Align and allocate resources to support sustainable financing.
  • Involve community stakeholders and resources to collaborate for student success.
  • Assess and continuously enhance community school approaches, systems and engagement.

Above all else, educational leaders must understand that they can transform districts through effective community school strategies. They also can make sure school principals are fully prepared for their roles.

Educational Leaders Can Assess Principal Preparation for Student Achievement

It’s common across industries for professionals to have regular performance reviews and learning and development opportunities to better themselves. School principals should be no different, especially when developing educational equity.

SchoolSims envisions all principals having this strategic support so they can “be successful in building their teams, decreasing the district’s turnover rate, and increasing all students’ achievement.” Their research illustrates the critical need to look at leadership standards, relevant professional development opportunities and continuous principal evaluation.

It’s clear that overall district leadership (including principals) impacts student learning immensely.

Quality Leadership Impacts Student Learning

District and school leaders play a larger role than one may realize, especially in terms of student learning. According to The Wallace Foundation, successful leadership is significant in improving student learning. The two main points backed by evidence are:

  1. Only classroom instruction, among all school-related factors, contributes more than leadership to what students learn at school.
  2. Leadership impacts are usually felt most where and when leadership is needed.

Ensuring quality recruitment, training, evaluation and ongoing development of school leadership can improve teaching strategies and overall student learning.

Make a Difference With an Ed.S. – Superintendent Degree

Whether you’re hoping to bring more community aspects into the school district, better assess principals or improve overall leadership, earning an education graduate degree can help. The online Ed.S. – Superintendent program from Northwest specifically prepares you to:

  • Create and sustain partnerships with communities to improve schools and student development.
  • Assure sufficient professional development opportunities are available for all school staff to foster lifelong learning and student success.
  • Promote the need for DEI, communication, critical-thinking and teamwork skills across all school leadership positions.

Since you can complete this online program in as few as 12 months, you’ll be one step closer to a superintendent, district administrator or assistant superintendent position with the capacity to make a lasting difference.

Learn more about Northwest Missouri State University’s online Ed.S. — Superintendent program.

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