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Modernize Your Curriculum with Technology

Integrating technologies into the classroom can revitalize your curriculum, making it more accessible and relevant to students who are already more familiar with technology than their teachers. Besides engaging students, technology can be used to customize the learning experience for each student and provide access to resources to incorporate into the existing curriculum.

Engaging Students and Improving Performance and Retention

Most students are already involved with technology in their everyday lives. They use it to stay organized, connected and entertained. They work collaboratively, finding new ways to play and communicate, often without oversight or instruction, using their background knowledge to uncover answers to questions and solutions to problems.

Innovative teachers take advantage of the comfort students already have with a variety of apps, platforms and programs. They use it to gain and keep the attention and interest of students who may not respond to more traditional instruction. Those same students are more likely to take ownership of their learning and to retain what they have learned because technology engages their interests and can provide support and accommodations at their individual academic level. Students can work at their own pace, resulting in increased academic success.

Technology Essential to Students’ Future Success

Because our world relies so heavily on technology, incorporating technology into our classrooms may be essential to the future success of students’ lives and livelihood. As they move into the workforce, their ability to function proficiently with technology will impact their job choices.

In addition, as the world becomes increasingly specialized, the value of knowledge for knowledge’s sake is reduced. Materials and lessons need to be applicable in the world outside of the classroom to be considered beneficial and relevant. In an Education Week article, businessman and inventor Charles Fadel said, “We need urgent action on the nonacademic qualities young people need for success… We need to shift from a purely knowledge-based education toward a focus on skills (creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration), character (mindfulness, curiosity, courage, resilience, ethics, leadership), and meta-learning (learning how to learn, growth mindset, metacognition).” Using technology to facilitate and enhance learning these new skills will result in students’ educational and life-long professional success.

Increasing Resources for the Teacher

By enrolling in the Master of Science in Education in Curriculum & Instruction — Teaching Technology Online at Northwest Missouri State University, you can become proficient in the development of computer-based multimedia, including video, audio, graphics, web-based content and presentation tools. You will acquire the skills you need to integrate technology successfully and innovatively into your curriculum.

The coursework developed for NW Missouri’s MSEd. in C&I – Teaching Tech focuses on developing data literacy, multimedia systems, research skills and more. Building a foundation of knowledge coupled with practical experience will put you ahead of the tech curve and allow you to bring technology into every aspect of your curriculum. Completely online and with multiple start dates throughout the year, the NW Missouri’s MSEd. in C&I Teaching Technology offers a solid background in the many uses of technology in the classroom.

Learn more about Northwest Missouri State University’s online MSEd. In Curriculum & Instruction – Teaching Technology program.


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