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Prepare for a Career in Location Intelligence

Geospatial intelligence is an extensive field that includes analyzing images and data to help visibly illustrate and understand human activity based on a particular geographic location. The United States military and government have been using this type of data analysis since the 1960s to resolve conflicts around the world. The use of geographic information systems (GIS) and geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) has expanded into the private sector. Many of us take advantage of these advancements by using Google Maps daily. For those who work in fields like disaster response, emergency management, infrastructure and resource management, military and policy operations, big data analytics or cybersecurity, geospatial intelligence is a part of everyday life.

The online Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Geographic Information Systems program from Northwest Missouri State University can help prepare individuals for careers in these areas and train them to solve modern problems using geospatial intelligence.

About the MBA in GIS

An MBA in geographic information systems can enhance the careers of professionals working in various fields. Whether working in cybersecurity, disaster response, data analytics, emergency management, urban planning, machine learning, artificial intelligence or even travel and real estate, geospatial education can help professionals pivot into an intelligence career.

Northwest Missouri State University offers hands-on training using geographical information systems, remote sensing, spatial analysis, data fusion and geospatial intelligence. Students in this program will learn how to apply these skills to various fields.

This affordable MBA program entails 10 online courses that last seven weeks. Students can complete coursework in as few as 12 months and have the flexibility to continue working while earning the degree. Examples of specialization courses for this program include Cartographic Design and Visualization; Fundamentals of GeoStatistics; GIS and Spatial Analytics; and Trends and Applications in GIScience. Students choose two of these courses in order to deepen their understanding of how to use GIS in future endeavors.

What to Do With an MBA in Geographic Information Systems

According to Geospatial World, “geospatial technology is the ‘science of location’ and is a rapidly growing field of technology. This is what operates everything from map data and guidance systems on mobile devices to weather radar for local forecasters. Apps like Uber, DoorDash, Yelp, Amazon, and even Starbucks rely heavily on the ability to create a user experience that works.”

However, using technology to collect geospatial data goes beyond the functions of consumer goods and food delivery. Professionals have also used it for a number of humanitarian efforts. For example, some have used it to help fight world hunger by developing a platform on which farmers can share vital information to address food insecurity issues and optimize deliveries to drought-affected regions. In addition, gathering geospatial data can assist first responders and emergency personnel by organizing information needed to access areas and people who need assistance clearly and easily.

An MBA in GIS can prepare you to work in one of the following roles:

  • Logistics manager is in charge of overseeing the supply chain and distribution of goods and services. Efficient transportation of products throughout an organization requires knowledge of routes and resources.
  • Business operations director coordinates all departmental goals, implements new directives and monitors overall operations in order to make sure systems run as efficiently as possible.
  • GIS analyst works with business intelligence teams in construction, engineering, planning and more by examining GIS, cartographic, satellite data and aerial photographs. They develop products, such as databases that support the goals of their companies.

Whatever your career direction, an MBA in Geographic Information Systems can equip you with the valuable geographical, data analytics and analysis skills you need to work in various fields.

Learn more about Northwest Missouri State University’s online Master of Business Administration in Geographic Information Systems program.

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