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Improving Marketing Campaigns With Micro-Moments

According to Google, micro-moments are “intent-rich moments” when someone reflexively turns to their smartphone for information. Google’s marketing team established the idea of micro-moment marketing to refer to points when a buyer picks up their smartphone to act on a desire to know, buy or discover something. These micro-moments in time contain four key examples:

  • Need-to-know moments. This is when someone is researching and exploring, but not necessarily ready to buy in the moment. For example, a pet owner might google, “what kind of shampoo should I use on my dog?”
  • Want-to-do moments. These are instances when a person uses their online device for ideas on how to perform or complete a specific task. An example of this would be when a homeowner wants to learn how to place tile for a bathroom remodeling project.
  • Want-to-go moments. This is when a user enters specific keyword searches such as “open now” or “near me” for local businesses. An example would be a person in a new city searching for an Italian restaurant that’s currently open near them.
  • Want-to-buy moments. This is when someone is using their online device to search for a specific product and wants information on what to buy and how to buy it. For example, a person is in purchase mode and is looking for the latest trend in eye makeup to buy as soon as possible.

Consumers are becoming more reliant on these reflexive online searches before making decisions or purchasing items. These increased micro-moments form opportunities for marketing teams to create a brand strategy to win consumers as they explore online information. Many people have a desire for instant gratification while searching online for their needs. By understanding where and when people are seeking information about a particular product or service, companies and their marketing teams can create content precisely aimed at those searches.

Why Micro-Moment Marketing Matters

People are increasingly reliant on their mobile device for convenient online searching. In fact, more online searches occur on a smartphone or other mobile device than on a laptop or desktop computer, and buyers’ expectations are high when conducting an online search for what they need or want. Consumers’ micro-moment searches form their preferences and decisions. By studying and anticipating these micro-moments, companies can address the needs of consumers doing a quick search while on their lunch break, on the subway or in line at the coffee shop.

Micro-moment marketing is important so a brand can capture a user’s attention at the right moment. Typically, consumers have a short attention span, which can make it difficult for a company to catch the attention of its target audience. Micro-moment marketing creates content for those intent-rich moments as soon as they begin looking for a product or service.

Micro-moment marketing can also provide brand awareness for businesses of all sizes. Building brand awareness can place a product at the forefront of a consumer’s want-to-know moment and then have a lasting effect on their want-to-buy moment. Blog posts that answer specific questions about a product or service can build brand awareness to highlight a business.

How a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Can Help

A Bachelor of Science in Marketing online from Northwest Missouri State University will help students learn how to influence consumer buying decisions with successful marketing campaigns. In addition, you will gain knowledge on strengthening a brand name while promoting services and products. Graduates will learn to develop and present sales pitches, perform market research, analyze risks and opportunities, create budgets, develop strong communication skills and improve marketing campaigns using a range of marketing techniques. The real world, hands-on approach of Northwest’s program will prepare students for a potential career as a retail manager, sales manager, marketing strategist, purchasing manager or content marketer.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the job outlook for advertising, promotions and marketing managers, specifically, is an expected 6% increase between 2019 and 2029. In a world of digital marketing, micro-moment marketing strategies will be crucial to understanding your target audience’s motivations and behaviors.

Learn more about Northwest Missouri State University’s online Bachelor of Science in Marketing program.


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