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What Jobs Can You Get With a Master of Science in Education in Educational Leadership?

Many experienced classroom teachers have their sights set on a position of leadership in education, teaching in a different setting or working with curriculum and instructional strategies. A Master of Science in Education in Educational Leadership is the first step to take to make this important professional move.

Positions Outside of the Classroom

A master’s degree in educational leadership is required for several positions at the building level and at the district level. These positions do not involve direct instruction but are involved with classroom activities, selecting and creating curriculum materials, and other issues to directly support teachers and students.

Building level

The positions of building principal, assistant principal and dean, generally require not only a master’s degree but also experience in the classroom as well as an aptitude for leadership, management and organization. Educators in these positions are charged with keeping the building as a whole running efficiently.

For the principal and assistant principal, this involves budgets and scheduling issues, physical plant cleanliness and safety, and teacher selection and evaluation. Administrators at the building level make an average of $72,000 per year.

The dean of students oversees some of the scheduling details and stays abreast of student behavior management. The average salary for this position is $61,000 per year.

District level

At the district level, experienced teachers who have completed a master’s degree program in leadership may assume positions of director or coordinator of specific educational areas. Directors and coordinators at the district make an average salary of $72,000 per year.

  • The director or coordinator of assessments is responsible for scheduling and maintaining the validity and confidentiality of district-wide tests conducted on a regular basis. These may include content area formative or summative assessments and state-mandated high-stakes testing.
  • The director of special education assists special education teachers with Individualized Education Programs, meetings with parents, and legal mandates for students with special needs.
  • The district-level director of learning and curriculum, sometimes called director of teaching and learning, oversees all areas of district-wide academic programs, curriculum and initiatives. The person in this position ensures that academic standards are presented consistently, that teachers are well-trained and supported, and that adequate materials and supplies are available to all teachers and students.

Positions in the Classroom

A master’s degree also opens the door to classroom teaching positions outside the K-12 school building.

  • Qualified teachers can apply for positions at the college level as adjunct instructors. These instructors often teach basic skills to adults, such as learning English or preparing for the GED, at the community college. Adjunct instructors earn, on average, $30,000 per year, depending on the number of classes they teach.
  • Another classroom position outside of the K-12 system is at corporate facilities. These learning consultants and trainers must be highly educated and motivating. Educators hired for these positions often have industry expertise or previous experience. These corporate trainers teach employees everything from policies and procedures to new software use and sales strategies. They are paid between $40,000 and $80,000, depending on the complexity of the training and their expertise or experience.

Earning a Master of Science in Education in Educational Leadership from Northwest Missouri State University is an important first step as you investigate professional employment possibilities outside of the K-12 classroom. “The program focuses on leadership, communication, critical thinking, diversity, equity, inclusion and teamwork,” preparing you for positions in the field of education and in the corporate world.

Learn more about Northwest Missouri’s online MS Ed. in Educational Leadership program.


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