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What Is a Master of Science in Education in Educational Leadership?

Through appropriate and rigorous coursework and practicum experiences offered at Northwest Missouri State University, dedicated teachers can move into positions of leadership at the building or district level. A Master of Science in Education in Educational Leadership provides the knowledge and skills necessary to make a smooth transition from the classroom to the office of the principal, director or administrator.

The Coursework

In as few as 12 months, graduate students in Northwest Missouri’s master’s degree program complete 30 hours of courses, including the following:

  • Visionary School Leadership. An exploration of school culture, support systems and school improvement processes and how they affect student success.
  • Relational School Leadership. Preparation for effective communication between and among school personnel, families and the community, including effective advocacy for all stakeholders.
  • Instructional School Leadership. Introduction to effective curriculum, instruction and assessment.
  • Managerial School Leadership. Training in the creation of safe and functional environments to support learning.
  • Innovative School Leadership. Implementation of effective hiring and staff development practices “to ensure a professional culture of engagement and commitment to the education of the whole child.”

In other classes, program candidates develop data literacy and learn about using assessment to effectively drive instruction. One of the courses covers the importance of providing a quality education and appropriate services for all students as well as embracing diversity. Program candidates also examine the application of school law to all phases of public school systems.

Each of the classes required for completion of the program includes a 21-hour field experience component. In addition, two courses are dedicated to practicum experiences. Under the supervision of a university supervisor and a site supervisor, students have “opportunities to synthesize and apply the content knowledge, develop and refine the professional skills, and demonstrate their capabilities as articulated in each of the elements included in NELP (National Educational Leadership Preparation) Building-Level Program Standards.”

The Ideal Candidate

If you are a teacher ready to take the next step toward educational leadership, you probably already have some specific characteristics to help you succeed.

  • The ideal candidates for the Master of Science in Education in Educational Leadership are visionaries. As a strong leader, either in the school or at the district level, you see the ultimate goal that you and your staff are working to achieve: student success. Although you recognize the barriers to the goal, it is always foremost in your mind when asking questions, making plans and establishing systems.
  • The ideal candidates also understand the value of community building and collaboration. Student success cannot be achieved by working in isolation. High-functioning teams and open-minded individuals are necessary to grow ideas, dreams and plans.
  • The ideal candidates for educational leadership embrace diversity and inclusion and the unique qualities of each student, teacher and staff member. They recognize the potential in every person and respect how people perform most effectively.
  • Finally, the ideal candidates for this program know themselves. They not only understand their own emotions but also recognize and appreciate the emotions of others. They are calm, grounded and empathetic, and they handle conflict with dignity and grace.

A Complete Program for Prospective Educational Leaders

A Master of Science in Education in Educational Leadership from Northwest Missouri State University provides a convenient, accessible and complete program for experienced teachers ready for advancement. Offering multiple start dates and a flexible online format, the program prepares you for positions of leadership in education while you continue working in your current position.

If you are interested in preparing for leadership certification in as few as twelve months, learning from the same distinguished faculty who teach the on-campus program, and participating in hands-on field experiences embedded in almost every course, this is the program for you.

Learn more about Northwest Missouri’s online MSEd. in Educational Leadership program.


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