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How Much Do Marketing Managers Make?

The Northwest Missouri State University (Northwest) online Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing provides expertise in areas like strategic marketing, business decision analysis and financial management with a marketing emphasis. With concentration courses in international business, marketing communication and global marketing management, students receive comprehensive training for a competitive and rewarding industry.

Advertising, promotions and marketing managers earned a national median pay of $138,730 in 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Within the respective fields of advertising, promotions and marketing, as well as the related field of public relations (PR), there is a wide range of management opportunities with diverse functions and roles for which a marketing-focused MBA provides training. From a general perspective, the following is what managers in each field do.

Marketing Managers

Professionals in this occupation may serve in a variety of functions within the broad area of managing marketing activities for an organization. They may be responsible for estimating demand for products and services and identifying potential markets. They may work with sales, PR and R&D in developing pricing strategies. Marketing managers may also provide leadership in the development of new products or services and in creating marketing plans.

Digital marketing managers manage web properties and social media platforms for organizations. This role is now prominent within many organizations, following the evolution of online marketing and ecommerce. In the era of digital transformation, effective marketing managers must take on a more cross-functional, strategic role, acting as change agents to drive revenue and end-to-end growth through data-informed value creation.

According to BLS, marketing managers earned a median annual salary of $140,040 in 2022, reflecting a range between $76,790 (lowest 10%) and more than $239,200 (highest 10%). The field includes several closely related positions with median salaries approaching and topping six figures.

Advertising Managers

If you’ve seen the TV show Mad Men, you know the field can be glamorous and exciting. Advertising managers work for agencies or organizations, and some work on a project basis. Some of these managers devise and pitch advertising campaigns by overseeing a staff that consists of creative, media services and budgeting personnel.

Others, known as advertising or account executives, manage client accounts and develop plans to increase clients’ businesses. Often, they serve as the liaison between their agency and its clients. In the advertising sales departments of media companies, advertising sales directors manage teams of salespeople who are responsible for selling TV or radio time, print ad space or online advertising.

BLS categorizes advertising managers and promotions managers together, with a median 2022 salary of $127,830. In 2022, the median salary of the lowest 10% of earners was $60,380 while the top 10% earned over $239,200. This field also includes several closely related positions with median salaries approaching and topping six figures.

Promotions Managers

Managers in promotions manage and develop sales promotion programs to maximize an organization’s sales. They research, evaluate and recommend enhancements to a product or service’s marketing position and use a combination of media, from social media to in-store displays, to achieve their goals. Purchasing incentives typically include sales, rewards programs, discounts, rebates, coupons, sweepstakes and contests.

As noted earlier, BLS categorizes promotions and advertising managers together, so the typical salary range for these professionals is included within the above figures for advertising managers.

Public Relations Managers

Graduates of a marketing-focused MBA program are also well-prepared to pursue careers as PR managers. PR managers develop and implement policies and procedures for their organizations’ PR departments. They are tasked with maintaining a favorable image for brands, products, services and even for people, including celebrities and politicians. They devise media plans, prepare public statements and press releases and coordinate communications across a variety of channels.

BLS reports that the median annual salary for PR managers was $129,430 in 2022, with $71,710 to greater than $239,200 being the lowest 10% to highest 10% salary range.

For professionals with aspirations of an intellectually and financially rewarding occupation, an MBA in Marketing can be a passport to a variety of dynamic, high-level career destinations.

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