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Become a Leader in Marketing With an MBA

Do you have what it takes to be a successful leader in the marketing industry? Some people are “born leaders,” which suggests they are naturally effective leaders. But, for most people, it can take substantial time and effort to fully develop the kinds of skills necessary to manage people, run a department or even run an entire company.

Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing online from Northwest Missouri State University (Northwest) can help you develop knowledge and skills needed to excel in marketing management positions. No matter how you come into a leadership position, what matters most is that you do it well.

How to Become a Leader in Marketing

Thinking and acting like a business leader is key to being an effective leader in marketing. Leadership forms the backbone of success in any executive or high-level management position, including those in marketing. Thus, being effective in marketing leadership roles requires professionals be leaders first and marketers second.

Plus, with rapid changes in how and why today’s businesses market products and services, the most effective chief marketing officers (CMOs) help guide and accelerate transformation as change agents. As Harvard Business Review notes, modern marketing leaders “have a new mandate to take center stage in their organizations,” using data-driven insight to “aggressively drive growth and create value.”

In order to drive change and positively impact strategy, revenue and the overall success of an organization, Harvard Business Review contributor Janet Balis proposes the following five actions for marketing leaders:

  1. Seize the shift toward marketing as a main revenue driver for organizations.
  2. Focus on the customer journey, deconstructing organizational boundaries to drive the “end-to-end growth agenda.”
  3. Maximize digital transformation through holistic analytics models — throughout an organization — to create value and data-driven change.
  4. Address talent issues directly and quickly, without being afraid to “try something new and radical.”
  5. Use the power of predictive analytics to look forward and “forecast the future,” yet balance data-driven marketing strategy with creativity, human intuition and real connection.

How an MBA Can Help

Enrolling in an online MBA in Marketing program is a critical step toward becoming the type of marketing leader employees would gladly follow. According to a 2022 longitudinal study from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 76% of surveyed graduate management education alumni said their degree prepared them well for leadership positions.

Plus, GMAC’s 2023 Corporate Recruiters Survey found that candidates with an MBA are in demand. Globally, 90% of employers surveyed said they planned to hire MBA graduates in 2023, more than the projected hiring of graduates of other master’s-level business programs, bachelor’s degree holders or experienced industry professionals.

Besides great leadership skills, you can also develop other valuable talents from an online MBA program. Teamwork, communication, technical and managerial abilities — all can be useful in a marketing career, no matter the industry.

The curriculum for Northwest’s online MBA in Marketing comprises 10 courses (30 credit hours). There are core classes in topics like managerial accounting, macroeconomics, business decision analysis tools, strategic marketing and organizational behavior. The marketing component includes concentration courses in international business, advanced marketing communication and global marketing management.

Northwest’s online MBA in Marketing program is condensed into seven-week terms, and it takes 12-18 months to earn the degree. Tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state residents, and you can pay for one course at a time. Also, the program offers multiple start dates, so you can begin taking courses at the most opportune time.

Enrolling in Northwest’s online MBA program can help you become the kind of marketing leader you were destined to be.

Learn more about Northwest’s online MBA in Marketing program.

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