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Is It Possible to Earn a Marketing MBA in One Year?

In just one year’s time, you can accomplish any number of goals. Losing weight might top the list of priorities for some people, while saving money for a new home might be someone else’s objective. One thing is for certain: A year seems to go by pretty quickly. But if you plan it right, you could actually hold a Master of Business Administration in Marketing at the end of those 12 months.

Benefits of an MBA

The skills and talents you develop in an online MBA program are greatly valued in the workplace. Leadership, teamwork, communication, technical and managerial abilities — all can make you attractive to potential employers, and these skills are expected of new graduate business school hires, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council.

  • Leadership — Employers look for qualities such as integrity, drive, innovation, strategic vision and the ability to inspire others.
  • Teamwork — Adaptability as well as cross-cultural sensitivity are definitely an asset in the workplace. Valuing others’ opinions, following other leaders and delegating are equally important.
  • Communication — Speaking, listening and writing with clarity are key traits employers expect from MBA graduates.
  • Technical — Graduate business alumni should also have in-depth understanding of qualitative and quantitative analysis, core business knowledge, as well as a firm grasp of current technology.
  • Managerial — Candidates should be astute at making decisions, developing strategy, and managing tasks, human capital and administrative activities.

An MBA can help you gain a better understanding of business from a global perspective, and the degree often leads to a promotion and higher income. According to a GMAC survey of recent business school graduates, 75 percent said their degree helped them advance faster in their career, and 82 percent said it helped increase their earnings potential.

Your Path to an MBA

Courses in Northwest Missouri State University’s online MBA in Marketing are condensed into seven-week terms. If you take two courses at a time, you can finish in a year. GMAT and GRE requirements can be waived under certain circumstances, which means you can get started on your degree sooner rather than later.

The online MBA program in marketing features multiple start dates, so you choose the ideal time based on your schedule. As far as cost, you can pay for each course as you enroll in it. The application fee is $50, but all other fees are included in the total cost of tuition. Costs are the same for in-state and out-of-state students.

Students must complete 11 courses (33 credit hours), including 21 hours of core courses and 12 hours of concentration courses, to earn the MBA in Marketing online.

The degree program includes core classes in managerial accounting, macroeconomics, employment law, strategic marketing and organizational behavior. The marketing coursework explores international business, advanced marketing communication, global marketing management and more.

There are only four steps in the 12-month journey to your advanced degree:

  1. Apply.
  2. Register.
  3. Progress through the program, paying as you go.
  4. Finish well.

Learn more about Northwest Missouri’s online MBA in Marketing program.


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